The 2010 Arsies: January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

Today's battle is between two of the worst-named bands in this entire bracket: the extreme Job For A Cowboy, versus a reunited Ronnie James Sabbath... a.k.a. Heaven & Hell.
While the judges have never historically shown much love for 80s Sabbath, they were immediately impressed by the surefootedness of this twice-reunited lineup, and "The Devil You Know..." was enjoyable from the first listen. However, they were simply outgunned by Job For A Cowboy. From the first track to the last, "Ruination" dominated. Job For A Cowboy edged out Heaven & Hell today, and goes on to the next round in three weeks, against Porcupine Tree. That should be... interesting.
Tomorrow: a band you'd forgotten about goes against a band you've never heard of.

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