The 2010 Arsies: February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

Another Monday, another interesting quarterfinal matchup: Baroness's "Blue Record" vs Between The Buried And Me's "The Great Misdirect." It almost goes without saying at this stage in the tournament that there are no weak contenders and no immediately obvious winners, and that certainly held true today.
What was quickly apparent, however, was that the strangeness of "Blue Record" winds up sounding downright pedestrian when stacked against "The Great Misdirect." Once you recontextualize the quirkiness out of the Baroness CD, you're left with a raw sounding work, and ultimately it's that earnest gruff that gave them the slight edge needed to win over the still-hard-to-scrutinize BTBAM. And that's impressive, considering how often the Arsies have historically leaned toward the technical performers.
Well done, Baroness! Next week, you go up against Converge, in possibly the toughest, closest battle of the entire tournament. Fantastic! In the meantime, tomorrow Ahnold takes on The Black Dahlia Murder.

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