The 2010 Arsies: January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010

Before I proceed, a bit of info on procedure. All the album's in this year's bracket are not new to me: I made it a point of listening to all of this music before now. Otherwise, the result would be a bunch of unfair advantages for showers over growers. So, rest assured, even though it may have sounded like I'd never heard the Napalm Death before (for example), I had; it just didn't grow on me enough to outperform Alice In Chains.
And now, today's match. The fight was a bit surprising. Pundits started out thinking that Voivod's "Infini" never stood a chance against Isis. However, the surprisingly Motorheadesque sound of the latest Voivod album has a certain appeal and charm. Alas, "Wavering Radiant" just crushed the competition and won this contest, hands down. And so, we're set for Alice In Chains vs Isis in three weeks. Tomorrow: Porcupine Tree vs the mighty Sepultura.

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